Our Promise

East Coast Buyers Agents service promise :

  • To always act in the best interest of our buyer and act exclusively as buyers agents for our client.
  • To act completely independent from vendors and selling agents and only accept fees or commissions from the buyer.
  • To not act on behalf of or take payment from any other party in a real estate transaction (such as a selling agent or property developer).
  • To not demand or receive referral fees for referring a buyer or potential buyer, to a selling agent or property developer.
  • To not represent any buyer where a conflict of interest exists or is likely to arise in the future.
  • To never do anything that may jeopardise the buyers bargaining position or other interests.
  • To not disclose any information about the buyer without specific instructions to do so and only in accordance with the law.
  • To always represent the buyer in accordance with their instructions.
  • To always disclose (unless otherwise instructed by the buyer) to selling agents or property developers that we are acting as a Buyers Agent on behalf of the buyer.
  • Advise our client (the buyer) before engagement if their expectations are not realistic for the market.
  • Research the relevant property market in accordance with the buyers expectations.
  • Advise our clients based on the our professional experience, knowledge and judgement.
  • Present relevant properties to our buyers for their consideration and communicate the pros and cons of each property.