What Is A Buyers Agent

Buyers agents are licensed real estate agents engaged by the buyer (you) to work exclusively on their behalf. Traditional real estate agents work exclusively for the seller/vendor. Therefore the key difference is who the agent works for.

Often buyers make the mistake when buying property, of assuming that the selling agent is also looking after their welfare. Under Australian Legislation a real estate agent can not represent both the seller and the buyer. Understandably, the selling agent is engaged by the seller to achieve the highest possible price. It is not possible to also genuinely look after the best interests of the buyer and achieve the maximum possible price for the seller at the same time, as these two responsibilities conflict.

A buyers agent on the other hand is trying to achieve the best possible deal for the buyer. In other words this agent is looking exclusively after the interests of the buyer.

A buyers agent will also assess all properties on the market (and even some that aren’t) to find the most desirable property for your personal needs and goals. A sellers agent is likely to only recommend the properties that they have on the market, which means you are accessing just a small proportion of the available market through that Selling Agent.

Buyers agent v RE Agent