Investing in Australian Real Estate as a Foreign Investor: Why an Exclusive Buyers Agent is Your Best Option

Foreign Investment in Australian Real Estate

Foreign Investment in Australian Real Estate

The Australian government has always been very eager to encourage and entice foreign investments into the Australian Real Estate Market in order to guarantee Australia’s future growth and prosperity. However to protect the best interests for Australia and Australian citizens, the Australian government has also implemented many different changes to foreign investment laws and policies (regarding the purchase of new property) over recent years.


That is why it is always best to use the services of a local Real Estate Professional when seeking to purchase property anywhere in Australia. And in particular you should always try to use the services of a professional Exclusive Property Buyers Agent.  Why? Because a professional Buyers Agent is very familiar, knowledgeable and most importantly, experienced with the laws/policies regarding the purchase of Australian Real Estate. (Read more about the many different Benefits Of Using A Buyers Agent to Purchase Australian Property)


Why You Should Always Use an Australian Property Buyers Agent as a Foreign Investor Investing in Australian Real Estate


As we have just stated above, before you are allowed to purchase an Australian property, land for sale or Australian Commercial Real Estate as a foreigner (or overseas investor) you are going to have to obtain an approval from the Government of Australia. This approval process should never deter you from investing in the always thriving Australian Real Estate Market because a specialist Property Buyers Agency such as East Coast Buyers Agents will basically handle everything for you.


If you are (or represent) an overseas business/company/firm/global organization or personal Property Investor, an experienced Australian Buyers Agency such as ECBA will be an extremely valuable and important asset to have on your team. This is primarily because of an Australian Buyers Agent’s extensive knowledge about the Australian Real Estate Market, but also because you ultimately end up with a very large group of local Australian Real Estate professionals all working for you to find the best possible properties available on the Australian Real Estate Market. A professional Property/Real Estate Buyers Agent typically works with a very large network of other Real Estate professionals and associates in order to achieve their own goals – which is finding the ideal property for you.


It’s also worthy to note that experienced Property Buyers Agents are genuinely very passionate about Australian property/Real Estate and will generally do much more than is expected from them in order to produce great results for their clients.



Benefits of using a Local Australian Real Estate/Property Buyers Agent if You Are a Foreign Investor Looking to Buy Property in Australia


Sanctuary Cove Golf Course, QLD Ausralia

Sanctuary Cove Golf Course, QLD Ausralia

The ‘global community’ is very aware of the fact that Australia is one of the most stable and affluent Real Estate markets in the world to invest money into – as well as being a fantastic country to live and raise a family in. A local Australian Buyers Agent assists people wishing to buy Australian Real Estate as they are specialists in helping both local and overseas buyers (expats/foreign investors) search, appraise and negotiate their :


  • Ideal investment properties which will produce a positive ROI (Return on Investment). A Buyers Agent always thoroughly researches any properties their clients wish to purchase to make absolutely certain any new property bought by a serious property investor will be a great addition to that Property Investors real estate investment portfolio.
  • Homes or properties which match a property buyer’s preferences, requirements and specific criteria.


A Professional Australian Buyers Agent such as ECBA will use their local knowledge and Australian Real Estate experience to help you search, locate and appraise suitable properties to purchase whether you are a:


  • Foreign/overseas investor wishing to buy Australian Real Estate.
  • Foreign person or family wishing to relocate to Australia.
  • Australian expat returning home.
  • Foreign expat wishing to invest in the Australian Real Estate Market.


Utilizing a Local Australian Property Buyers Agent is a great option for foreign investors as it saves a huge amount of time and takes all of the stress out of the foreign property buying process. A Buyers Agent can be legally appointed to make offers and negotiate the purchase of a property on behalf of their client – the property buyer.



Top 10 Benefits of Using an Australian Real Estate/Buyers Agent If You Are a Foreign Investor


  1. An Australian Buyers Agent will save you time, stress and ultimately save you money. A competent Buyers Agent is able to apply certain property buying techniques that will help you find your ideal investment property, save you money when negotiating the price of sale, make a positive ROI (Return on Investment) for you and also allow you to leverage your own time/efforts by using their professional real estate knowledge and experience.
  2. Comprehensive Australian Real Estate Experience. Nothing beats having an experienced and professional Australian Property Buyer on your team when searching for Australian Real Estate. They are extremely familiar with local areas and very experienced with the entire Australian property buying process.
  3. You essentially have a large group of Australian Real Estate Professionals all working for you when you use a Buyers Agent. A professional Buyers Agency typically works with a much larger network of Real Estate professionals in order to find ideal properties that can be purchased on behalf of foreign investors. In some cases, the personal ‘connections’ of an exceptional Buyers Agent will gain you access to properties not yet listed on the market.
  4. Local Knowledge of Australian Areas and Prime Real Estate Locations. A local professional Buyers Agent will live in Australia and be very familiar with local ‘Hot Spot’ locations where Real Estate Markets are steady and prosperous.
  5. Extensive knowledge of local Australian Real Estate Markets to form a strategic property buying plan. An efficient Property Buyers Agent will conduct a detailed Comparative Market Analysis Report and utilize data/information from exclusive Australian Real Estate Databases in order to form an excellent property buying strategy for their clients.
  6. Experts in finding and acquiring ideal Australian properties for foreign property buyers. An experienced Buyers Agent is a Property finding expert who is a specialist in acquiring the ideal properties that their clients want to purchase. They do not settle for anything less than what their clients are expecting and want to purchase.
  7. Expert Price Bidders and Negotiators. Buyers Agents are expert bidders at property auctions and even better price negotiators. A good Buyers Agent can help you acquire a new property for the lowest possible price – saving you possibly tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars.
  8. Exclusive access to an Australian Real Estate professional who works only for the best interests of the property buyer. A Buyers agent works only for the best interest of their clients – the property buyer. A Buyers Agent does not sell property on behalf of the property seller.
  9. A very personalized and positive experience. A property Buyers Agent does a lot more than your average Real Estate Agent and can accompany the needs of most client requests. This can include a variety of Other Optional Concierge Services which are designed to make the entire property buying experience as enjoyable and beneficial as possible for the property buyer.
  10. Very detailed completion process at the time of settlement. When it is time to finalize a property deal, a competent Buyers Agent will make 100% sure that all of the paperwork and legal requirements regarding the purchase of a new Australian property is totally in order. A good Buyers Agent will pay particular attention during this closing period so the new owner of the property (their client) can rest assured that everything has been finalized correctly.


Are You A Foreign Investor Seeking To Buy Property/Real Estate on The East Coast Of Australia?


If you are a foreign/overseas property investor who is seeking to buy property anywhere on the East Coast of Australia then you should definitely contact East Coast Buyers Agents to see what we can do for you. We are exclusive Property/Real Estate Buyers Agents and represent only the property buyer’s best interests when purchasing Australian Real Estate.


East Coast Buyers Agents do not represent or work to benefit the needs of property sellers. We work exclusively for you – the property buyer.


East Coast Buyers Agents are Australian Property Buying Experts who specialize in finding ideal properties for foreign property investors. We pride ourselves in being able to provide our clients with the best available properties on the market – at the lowest possible prices.


East Coast Buyers Agents are specialists in finding suitable investment properties throughout the entire East Coast of Australia (Queensland, Victoria and New South Wales). East Coast Buyers Agents always maintain great working relationships with a large network of Australian Real Estate Professionals in the most popular areas of Australia so we can can give you exclusive access to excellent properties on the Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and Brisbane. We can also provide you with exclusive property buying options not yet available on the Australian Real Estate Market.


To contact us for more information on how we can help you acquire/purchase/buy your next Australian Property CLICK HERE.

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