Appraise & Negotiate

Property Appraisal

After you have selected the property you are interested in buying, East Coast Buyers Agency will then conduct an independent Real Estate Appraisal of that property to ensure you are receiving exceptional value for the money you pay.

During this property appraisal stage of the buying process our Buyers Agents will prepare for you a comprehensive Comparative Market Analysis Report for the property you would like to purchase. This fully detailed report will include:

  • Your personal Buyers Agent’s resume.
  • A map of the entire area where you wish to buy property.
  • A cover page with photos of your selected property.
  • An overview of the property you are purchasing (amenities, rooms, levels, area, etc.)
  • A detailed Market Analysis of comparable real estate sales and market activity within the same area.
  • Visual graphs of the market analysis we have undertaken on your behalf. 
  • Our personal recommendation to you based on the Comparative Market Report.
  • Our commitment to you while helping you acquire the property you want to purchase.

Property Price Negotiating

East Coast Buyers Agents are experienced Real Estate Brokers and will enter into price negotiations on your behalf. After we have established the true Market Value for a property (by conducting a Comparative Market Analysis) we use our expert negotiating skills to secure a reasonable and agreeable price for you only. ECBA are exclusive Property Buyers Agents and only work for the best interests of the property buyer.

East Coast Buyers Agents are highly skilled property price negotiators who will:

  • Maintain an unbiased and objective view of the property based on the true market value of that property.
  • Remain fully professional at all times and remove any ‘emotion’ during the price negotiating process.
  • Apply years of Real Estate experience and price negotiating skills to secure you the best possible price for the property you would like to purchase. 
  • Save you thousands of dollars when buying your next Australian East Coast Property.

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East Coast Buyers Agents specialize in finding your next dream home or investment property in any location on the East Coast of Australia. East Coast Buyers Agents (ECBA) are exclusive Australian property finder and property buying experts who have extensive knowledge of all local areas on the East Coast of Australia. Most importantly, ECBA can guarantee great results when it comes to acquiring the ideal properties you would like to purchase. Our very professional and highly skilled team are personally invested in your success so you can be confident East Coast Buyers Agents are working for your best interests only.

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