Bidding at Auction

Our Professional Buyers Agents Will Represent You at Property Auctions by Bidding on Your Behalf

East Coast Buyers Agents will spare you the stress, uncertainty and emotional attachment which is typically associated with any property buying auction. We will be your own personal representative at property auctions to enter bidding on your behalf and relentlessly try to secure the property of your choice at the lowest possible price – whilst remaining strictly within your budget.

East Coast Buyers Agents are seasoned Property Auction experts who can save you a huge amount of time, money and stress by bidding for you on Auction Day. Our ‘Bidding at Auction’ service is particularly beneficial and extremely useful for:

  • Inexperienced Property Auction Bidders. 
  • International, Foreign or overseas Property Investors/buyers wishing to buy property on the East Coast of Australia. 
  • Interstate Property Investors/buyers seeking to buy property or real estate on the East Coast of Australia.

We thoroughly research your chosen property by conducting a detailed Comparable Market Analysis before the property auction takes place. This ensures our Buyers Agents will always know the ‘True Market Value’ of the property you wish to purchase. We will also research, know and understand about every aspect relating to the particular property you would like to buy so you will never end up paying more than you should OR more than the property is actually worth.

Our Buyers Agents are specially trained to remain unbiased, objective and impartial at all times while bidding at auctions on your behalf. We also guarantee to remain professional when representing you at auction and will always work strictly within the budget/guidelines you establish with us during your Initial Briefing.

We Use Advanced Auction Bidding Strategies to help Secure Your Ideal Property at Auction

East Coast Buyers Agents have experienced many years of success in acquiring the ideal properties that our clients want to buy. Our experienced Buyers Agents will develop a highly advanced Auction Bidding Strategy to fulfill your property buying objectives and to also help us secure your ideal property at auction.

Our professional Buyers’ agents ensure you never overpay for any property you want to purchase by using their own personal wealth of knowledge and a personalized Auction Bidding Strategy designed especially for you. East Coast Buyers Agents are specialists in developing and implementing Auction Bidding Strategies that are ultimately designed to save you money when buying a new property. Our experienced Buyers Agents can also identify certain circumstances and bidding tactics used by your competition on Auction Day and immediately counteract to protect your best interests in acquiring the property of your choice.

All Auction Day bidding strategies are customized to suit each particular auction and are developed based on East Coast Buyers Agents superior knowledge of the Australian Real Estate Market. Our fully qualified Buyers Agents are completely aware of Property Auction tactics typically employed by other buyers on Auction Day and understand all of the technicalities/regulations involved when placing bids at property auctions.

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East Coast Buyers Agents specialize in finding your next dream home or investment property in any location on the East Coast of Australia. East Coast Buyers Agents (ECBA) are exclusive Australian property finder and property buying experts who have extensive knowledge of all local areas on the East Coast of Australia. Most importantly, ECBA can guarantee great results when it comes to acquiring the ideal properties you would like to purchase. Our very professional and highly skilled team are personally invested in your success so you can be confident East Coast Buyers Agents are working for your best interests only.
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