Other optional services

Here at East Coast Buyers Agents, we treat all of our clients with the highest regard. We can offer you a fully customized and personal concierge service if you require.

Other Concierge Services can include, but are not be limited to:

  • Airport collection, drop off and personalized tours of properties you wish to view.
  • Car Hire arrangement.
  • Booking of accommodation on your behalf.
  • Arrangement of short or long term rental properties if you desire to spend an extended period of time in a certain location.
  • Researching of local schools, local services and public facilities for you to utilize. We can even arrange the enrollment of your child/children into a local school if you require. 
  • Arranging and liaising with Solicitors/Conveyancers in relation to the purchase of your new Australian property. 
  • Organization of Pest & Building inspections for the property you wish to purchase. 
  • Pre settlement inspections of a property.
  • Personalized post-property sale support to ensure the purchase of your new property is finalized correctly and give you peace of mind. 

If you do require the needs of our Concierge Service, please inform your personalized Buyers Agent during your Initial Briefing.

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