Search, Appraise & Negotiate

East Coast Buyers Agents work in conjunction with a large network of Australian Real Estate professionals so we are able to present you with the best possible real estate options available on the Australian East Coast market. We also understand you want to receive exceptional value for money when purchasing Australian real estate so we work endlessly to ensure you buy the best possible properties at the lowest possible prices.

Search → Appraise → Negotiate: Our Simple Property Buying Process Works For You

East Coast Buyers Agents pride ourselves in being able to make your next property purchase one of the best financial and personal investments you will ever make in your life. We also ensure all of the necessary legal requirements, documentation and property buying proceedings related to the purchase of your new Australian property transpire and evolve as smoothly as possible.

 Step 1.Property Search

Initial Briefing – During the commencement of your arrangement with East Coast Buyers Agents we will arrange a consultation with you so we can establish:

  • A Budget. How much are you willing to spend on your next Australian property investment?
  • Location Preferences. Do you have a specific location preference where you would like to buy Australian Real Estate? (Gold Coast, Sydney, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Noosa, Melbourne, etc.)
  • Property Preferences and Requirements. Do you desire any special features or requirements for your next property purchase?
  • Your Personal Expectations. East Coast Buyers Agents want to ensure you benefit immensely from the purchase of your next property while enjoying a pleasant and positive experience throughout the entire property buying process. Tell us your expectations about your next Australian Property Purchase and we will strive to make sure you are more than satisfied with what we are able to do for you.

Australian Property Search – ECBA are experts in finding suitable properties for both International and local buyers. Our highly motivated Buyers Agents are relentless in finding your ideal property once we have established all of your preferences and expectations during your initial briefing. Once we understand your objectives for the purchase of an Australian East Coast Property, we will then:

  • Research And Locate. Our network of Buyers Agents search across the entire Real Estate Market (in your desired location) to find you every available property which suits your criteria of preferences and requirements. East Coast Buyers Agents will also be able to give you exclusive access to properties not yet listed on the market.
  • Shortlist Suitable Properties. Once we have located all suitable properties within a desired location, we then shortlist the most appropriate for you. We can also organize a personal inspection of the shortlisted properties, arrange a fully prepared concierge service if you are travelling from Interstate or overseas, and accompany you to private viewings of the property.


Step 2.Property Evaluation

Australian Real Estate Market Analysis – After you have made your selection from the shortlisted properties we provide you with, East Coast Buyers Agents will conduct a comprehensive Comparative Real Estate Market Analysis of any property you have identified as suitable or ideal for you. ECBA have access to exclusive Real Estate Databases showing comparable sales of similar properties and we use this data/information to determine an appropriate price for any property you have selected from the shortlist. This ensures you will never pay more than you should for the Australian East Coast property of your choice.

Step 3. Property Negotiation

Buyers Advocate For Property Price Negotiations – East Coast Buyers Agents can spare you from attending stressful negotiations and will enter into property price negotiations on your behalf with the seller of the property or the seller’s agent. Our highly trained Buyers Agents are experienced property price negotiators and are unyielding when it comes to negotiating the best possible price for the property you want. Our entire team is extremely knowledgeable about all aspects of the Australian Real Estate Industry and will never be unwittingly duped by a property seller or the property seller’s agent. East Coast Buyers Agents will also provide you with all of the support you need in relation to any legal documentation and requirements which will be associated with the purchase of your new Australian property.

Additional Buyers Agent Services

East Coast Buyers Agents can also arrange for you and coordinate a variety of other optional services including – the acquirement of conveyancers, solicitors, building inspectors, pest inspectors, financial lenders and independent home evaluations specialists.

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East Coast Buyers Agents specialize in finding your next dream home or investment property in any location on the East Coast of Australia. East Coast Buyers Agents (ECBA) are exclusive Australian property finder and property buying experts who have extensive knowledge of all local areas on the East Coast of Australia. Most importantly, ECBA can guarantee great results when it comes to acquiring the ideal properties you would like to purchase. Our very professional and highly skilled team are personally invested in your success so you can be confident East Coast Buyers Agents are working for your best interests only. To contact your personal Buyers Agent → CLICK HERE