Property Management

East Coast Buyers Agents also offers property investors peace of mind by providing them ongoing assistance through our Property Management division. Being an investor located interstate, overseas or just out of town, means that you are putting possibly your largest and most expensive investment in someone else’s hands. Property investors need to ensure that they are appointing a Property Management team that they can trust to care for their property with their best interests in mind – something we pride ourselves in.

Offering Property Management to our investor clients assists buyers in ensuring a seamless transition from property settlement to generating rental income as soon as legally possible & practical after that date. 

There is a great deal of skill and knowledge required in effectively managing property rentals.  We pride ourselves in :

  • Professionally marketing your property
  • Conducting professional rental appraisals for initial lease and subsequent re-letting
  • Placing the right tenants
  • Managing rental payments
  • Minimising vacancy rates
  • Conducting thorough routine inspections
  • Effectively resolving disputes
  • Managing necessary repairs and or maintenance.
  • Completing all necessary legal and regulatory documentation
  • Keeping accurate logs and property records

We understand the needs of our investors and appreciate that successful investing requires a successful relationship between the investor and their Property Management team. As overseas or interstate investors, we appreciate the consequences of :

  • Unnecessary vacancies,
  • Poor reporting of potential maintenance issues
  • Late rental payments
  • Tenancy issues.

We work hard to ensure that our investors are free of the worry and anxiety that can arise from these concerns through our professional property management services.

Speak to us today if you’d like to know more about our Property Management service in Brisbane or the Gold Coast region.