Vendor Advocacy

Vendor Advocacy is a relatively new concept to Australia. In short – Vendor Advocacy is a service designed to assist sellers in the maze of confusion around selling their property. Vendor Advocacy is a service which provides a third party who’s role is to support the seller with unbiased and accurate information on – who to use, how to sell, what to expect and what to accept – in the sale of their property.

 In more recent times Vendor advocacy has grown in popularity as sellers find dealing with real estate agents more complex. In deciding to sell their home or investment property vendors are becoming :

  • overwhelmed & confused by misinformation,

    Confused about selling property?

    Confused about selling property?

  • misled with potentially inflated selling prices by Sales Agents just to get the listing,
  • pressured to market their property through elaborate advertising mediums,
  • pressured to accept prices considerably lower than the asking price – just to name a few.

In short as Vendor Advocates or Sellers Advisers, we can assist sellers in the process of :

  • Agent Selection – Evaluate and recommend the best individual selling agent for your property.  We make our recommendation of the best selling agent based upon the vendor’s requirements and circumstances.
  • Appraising property – Conduct our own professional appraisal with an unbiased view on the likely selling price.
  • Negotiating commissions – Ensure you pay a rate of commission that reflects the committment required by the selling agent in the current market.
  • Assessing Marketing and Advertising plans and fees – Advise and oversee the marketing plan for your property, including advertising methods, schedule and budget.
  • Reviewing offers – Represent you during the negotiation process, particularly if selling by auction, to maximum the sale price.

Best of all – this comes at no extra cost to the vendor/seller. When a home is successfully sold, the agreed commission is shared between the real estate agent and us, so using our vendor advocacy service is at no additional cost to the home seller.

Talk to our team today before appointing a Sales Agent to sell your home.