Who’s working for you? The benefit of a Buyers Agent.

When looking for property either to live in or as an investment people can spend countless hours trawling websites and attending open homes only to find properties that just aren’t right, or don’t fit the budget? The stress is further compounded by the knowledge that the Real Estate Agents role is to achieve the highest possible price for the seller – naturally, they are paying the agents commissions after all. So – how do you know who to trust and who is going to help you understand the real value of the property? Buyers Agents can assist you in your property search. We can conduct appraisals and negotiate on your behalf. In addition we offer a number of services along the way that make the whole process easier, particularly if you are buying from interstate or overseas. We will speak with you about the big decision and remove the time consuming activities to free you up to spend more time doing the things you need or love to do.

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